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Fire Extinguisher Inspection and Maintenance
Fire extinguishers must be inspected annually by a licensed company and once a month by the owners of the fire extinguishers (NFPA# 10).

Keane Fire & Safety licensed technicians conduct a ten point inspection on the fire extinguishers.

Maintenance / Service

Keane technicians remove any fire extinguisher requiring testing and maintenance and will leave a spare as necessary at the time of inspection. The fire extinguishers are brought back to our facility and maintenance is performed. ABC, D Class, Halotron, and Halon fire extinguishers require a six year maintenance six years from the date of manufacture and a dry chemical pressure test every 12 years from the date of manufacture. CO2, Water and K class fire extinguishers require testing every 5 years from the date of manufacture. CO2 fire extinguishers must have a highlighted test stamp date on the top of the cylinder.

Keane Fire and safety services fire extinguishers

Keane professional shop technicians perform all our own maintenance at our DOT certified facility in Waltham, MA. Keane has all the testing equipment including three powder rooms, a clean agent reclaiming room, a CO2 test cage, calibration equipment and a 25 ton CO2 tank at our facility. We will always change necessary parts to make sure the fire extinguisher operates correctly and the extinguisher is sealed properly to prevent leakage. Keane only uses manufacturer’s parts to protect the integrity of the extinguisher and the UL rating.

Fire Hose Inspection and Maintenance

Fire hoses must be inspected annually by a licensed company. Five years from the date of manufacture, fire hose must be tested and then every 3 three years thereafter. To actually test a hose you must pump the hose full with water, test and dry the hose. Most companies do not test fire hose. They will cap the fire hose with the local Authority having jurisdiction approval, which in most cases is the local fire department, or replace them. The labor to test a fire hose that complies with the NFPA standards is more expensive then replacing the hose. Inquire about your vendor’s hose testing procedures and facilities.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency Light Service and testing

Hard-wired emergency lights are an integral part of any commercial safety system. They rely on rechargeable batteries connected to your buildings electrical system and require periodic testing and maintenance to insure proper operation. Like all batteries, the ones that power emergency lights have a shelf life and depending on environmental factors, need to be replaced periodically. Keane technicians service and install all types and stock new batteries on board their service vehicle.

Kitchen Fire Suppression System Service

Keane Technicians perform installations, semi-annual inspections, hydro test, refills, updates, alterations and repairs to your kitchen fire suppression system. Our system techs are licensed, trained and experienced to service your fire suppression system. We can certify that your suppression system is compliant, installed correctly and meets N.F.P.A. 96, 17A and UL 300 standards and codes. We replace fusible links every six months and nozzle covers as required.

All work is performed by Keane technicians in our shop and at your facility. We provide 24 hour emergency service for our current customers. Early a.m. service is no problem for us.

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